Beautiful Natural Hair


Everyday Botanicals Natural Products

Ultra Nourishing Everyday Beauty Maintenance

Natural & Curly Natural Conditioner

The weightless formula works to tame and hydrate textured hair that’s dull, damaged, or over-processed. It contains a unique blend of thirst-quenching Shea Butter, CoQ-10, Olive Oil, and extracts of Lavender, Peppermint, Horsetail, Melissa & Nettle, plus nourishing Vitamins B5 and Vitamin E.


Soften & Protect Rinse off and cool down-this invigorating cleansing gel is packed with ingredients like cooling Spearmint Oils, African Black Soap and Aloe Vera, which are all natural, of course. One shower, and you’ll rehydrate your skin while revitalizing your whole body.


Soften & Protect Jumpstart your morning with a refreshing burst of citrus. This plant-based shower gel is infused Pink Grapefruit Seed, Mango oils, Aloe Vera and African Black Soap, which work to sooth, cleanse and condition your skin, while also protecting it from dryness.

Everyday Botanicals Natural Bath & Body


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