Must-Have Beauty Gift of the Day


This gift is a must-have for the glamour girl that has it all!  Great for sensitive skin, the Lilumia is a time-saving gift that actually organizes, cleans, sanitizes and actually dries your make-up brushes all in one!

How does it work?   The Brush Holder rotates the brush hairs back and forth in a clockwise and counter clockwise motion onto the textured Cleaning Disk. The Lilumia device completes a wash cycle with Lilumia cleanser and 3 rinse cycles hands-free similar to a washing machine. Dirty water is drained before each cycle begins as clean water flows up to the surface. This combination gently and effectively removes build-up and bacteria upon contact with your brushes.

Once the Lilumia has completed the cleaning process, remove the lid, place the brushes into the hang dry position ( a “How it Works” video is available at the Lilumia Online Store) remove excess water from brush hairs and let your brushes air dry. Air drying is the preferred method to prevent brush damage. The Lilumia device is a cleaning tool and not recommended to be placed in your bathroom. Please place the Lilumia device in a well ventilated area when in use!

You may also want to pick up the Lilumia Cleanser Solution and the Lilumia Cleaning Disk.


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