Don’t Just Wear Jewelry, Make Your Statement

Mujus Modern Artisanal Jewelry

Artemis Layered Necklace
The Artemis necklace which weighs only 3 oz.
100% of each piece of this necklace is made by hand. Each of the 109 pieces of tagua is hand carved from the yarina, then they are hand dyed using Italian dyes. The necklace is crafted by hand in my studio in Ecuador.

Locura Necklace
The Locura necklace is the ultimate statement piece. It was designed for a woman who loves to embrace her individuality and is full of fearlessness in her style.

  • Tagua seeds, waxed cotton cord, vegan leather
  • Bib of necklace falls 5″

Fiesta Necklace
A necklace to inspire wanderlust and celebration, the combination of tagua, bombona seeds, and coconut in our Fiesta necklace makes any occasion festive!

  • Tagua and bombona seeds, coconut & cotton cord
  • 20″ long, 2″ extender
  • Fair trade and handmade in Ecuador and Peru

Dream Statement Necklace

For the outfits that you Dream with. Every necklace is made with 125 pieces of hand cutted tagua.

  • Tagua seeds, silver plated links, lobster clasp
  • Adjustable from 16″ to 26″
  • Fair trade and handmade in Ecuador and Peru

Caprichosa Necklace

Like a first look at Machu Picchu, this necklace inspires one word: WOW. You put on this daring necklace, and suddenly, you’re the best dressed woman in the room. Utterly unique and stunningly designed, the Caprichosa adds a sultry look to any outfit. Beautiful against a black dress, wear as a choker with a tight bun, or long and loose with curly waves.

  • Tagua seeds, vegan leather tie
  • Adjustable from choker length to a 28″ necklace
  • Fair trade and handmade in Ecuador and Peru

Sierra Necklace
Bold and pleasingly chunky, this tagua necklace will ensure you don’t blend into the background no matter what!

  • Tagua, silver plated chain & lobster clasp
  • 17″ inner circumference, 2″ extender
  • Fair trade and handmade in Ecuador and Peru

Saint Lucia Necklace
Inspired by the beaches of St. Lucia, this Caribbean look makes us want to run barefoot in the sand. The striking bib necklace features polished tagua beads held together by a suede leather cord. Its irregular pieces fit together like a puzzle, recalling the look of scattered sea stones. Wear this oceany look long or short with white, aqua blue, and coral red outfits.

  • Tagua seeds, suede leather
  • Adjustable up to 28″

       Mujus Modern Artisanal JewelryMujus Modern Artisanal Jewelry


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